Vickey Blue Eyes
By Oasim Karmieh
I have been planning to do a version of my 1950 Vickylane as a Cars character for a while now. I thought this is going to be so easy to do, how hard it can be, right? It’s just a plane with simple eyes!

Well, I wanted to be able to pose the Cars eyes in different poses and facial cars expressions (if you can call them that), so painted textures were out of the question. I really wanted to do this using procedural texturing cause I’m sure I can get a nice level of control and tweaks without going back and forth between Photoshop and Maya, trying to get that looks just right.

So I created a couple of setups, some of them using 2d ramps within ramps but nothing was working exactly as I wanted! I was so close to giving up on the procedural textures way and just do the Pixar Cars eyes texture in Photoshop. I had one more trick up my sleeve, an idea which I thought that it has to work, well at least I hoped it will.

So the Idea is pretty simple, I used the same concept that you would use to create texture for regular eyes texture, but with a twist!

© 2012 Oasim Karmieh
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