Sculpting Mickey Hands in ZBrush

Oasim "pixelbudah" Karmieh
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In this ZBrush sculpting tutorial, I will be sharing with you my workflow on how I sculpt 50s 60s cartoony hands using ZBrush. I will be using Preston Blair's Cartoon Animation book as a reference.

You can follow along using Blender on even the iPad's Nomad Sculpt, I try to keep the tutorial based on a technique that can be used in almost any sculpting capable software.

What will you receive

- 50 min detailed video tutorial

- ZBrush file of the Mickey's hands

- OBJ ready to print 3d model

- Adobe Dimension scene with shaders and light setup.

I want this!

50 min detailed video tutorial, ZBrush files Mickey hand, IMM Brush, OBJ, STL ready for print and Adobe Dimension file, with all the shaders and light setup.

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