Are you more attracted to the sun or the moon?

Day Meets Night is an exciting and educational interactive story book for children and adults. It is actually two books-in-one: the reader will travel through exotic lands and cultures as seen through the eyes two separate lead characters who stubbornly hold-on to opposite views about what is important in life. The storyline is bi-directional and switches between the lead characters when you flip the iPAD. Within each scene, there are hidden gems that lead to educational tidbits related to the current location.

- Travel with Alexa or Zach on their quest through exotic countries in search of celestial insights
- Choose a storyline that is influenced by the movement of the sun or the moon
- The book is alive: learn while interacting with new cultures, wildlife and natural phenomena
- Includes a game within the plot to unlock gems that educate, as well as entertain

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