Day Meets Night
Day Meets Night is an exciting and educational interactive story book for children and adults
February, 2017
Bill Burr Collectible Art Toy
Bill Burr Toy Design
January, 2017
Adulthood Art Toy
This Signed Limited Edition is a handcrafted art toy and limited to 15 unique pieces worldwide, that has been sculpted, hand cast and hand painted by Oasim Karmieh
December, 2016
Batsy 3d character and toy design inspired by my baby girl Emma Rose
March, 2016
3D Character design for an online marketing company, the Superhero character was 3d sculpted in ZBrush and rendered using V-ray for Autodesk Maya
October, 2015
Speedy Ray - Character Design
Speedy Ray 3d character design for a swimming school in the UK
September, 2015
Bar D.O.M.E Mascot
Creating the mascot for BarDOME was an absolute pleasure and a challenging project, trying to capture the creator of BarDOME in a simple cartoony yet elegant way was challenging. 3D printing the sculpt and holding the actual product that I designed and Sculpted in ZBrush is such a beautiful feeling. Thanks Zortrax for creating such an awsome 3D printer.
May, 2015
24 Days till Christmas
So what better time of the year to spread your art and give back… For me, spreading art and the joy of Christmas is the closest to my heart. So, the project is simple: it’s called “24 Days Till Christmas” and I really hope I can make it and keep up the pace. Every day I will share a render of a scene, an object with a festive theme.
December, 2014
Rivality: Zombie Attack
3d character design and 3d illustration for FunRock Games Character 3d sculpting, 3d modeling lighting, texturing & rendering by Oasim Karmieh
July, 2014
Road 2 Rio Rico
3d character and 3d illustrations for Samba Soccer Schools. Character modeling lighting, texturing & rendering by Oasim Karmieh Character illustration by Luigi Lucarelli
January, 2014
My Funny Garden
My Funny Garden a gardening browser game. Over 1 month time I worked on 3d modeling, texturing, lighting and rendering over 15 buildings, couple of characters and lots of plants and trees.
December, 2013
A vintage mic that wants to return to music startdome by reinventing himself
December, 2013
AL1VE MAgnetics Commercial
The client wanted the ad to convey that the product will give the user incredible strength to run through walls, smash punching bags and bend the basketball pole. Directing, 3d modeling, lighting, texturing, rendering and VFX Oasim Karmieh Storboard Artist Chelsea Kubesh Lead Animator Thom Falter Animator Iestyn Roberts Sound Design
March, 2013
AL1VE Magnetics Branding
Re-branding the AL1VE Magnetics brand was a huge task for me, I had to design a logo and an image that will convey strength and energy and make the product stand out on the shelf while keeping it clean and simple.
March, 2013
Road 2 Rio
Poster design for the Ad campaign Road to Rio for Samba Soccer Schools you can check out the school website here: 3D Modeling, texturing, shading, lighting and rendering Oasim Karmieh.
March, 2013
Jack in a Box toys
3D character design for an iOS game. 3D Modeling, texturing, shading, lighting and rendering Oasim Karmieh. Character design by Luigi Lucarelli.
March, 2013
Enzo Samba Soccer Schools
Enzo the Samba Soccer player, he is the Ambassador of the Samba Soccer Schools you can check out the school website here: 3D Modeling, texturing, shading, lighting and rendering Oasim Karmieh.
March, 2013
Creative Development: Procedural Texturing in Maya
The course will cover how to use the powerful procedural texturing that Maya has to offer, and then combine that with V-Ray Shaders to create an organic look. You’ll learn how to light the cells created using V-Ray lights, and look at how to use image-based lighting with V-Ray’s dome light.
July, 2012
Hunter Killers
Logo design, web design, 3d modeling, shading and lighting, Directing and animation a 3d logo intro for the website, and sound design.
May, 2012
She Didn't Say Goodbye
I wanted to create a 3d Romantic scene, I started doing some simple planning sketches with some poses for my main character, just to see if I can convey the emotion of my character and if the scene can tell the story clearly.
January, 2012
Waiting for Santa
I wanted to create a 3d illustration that captures the essence of the holiday, I wanted the lighting and the modeling to convey a warm and fuzzy Feeling.
December, 2011
Vickey Blue Eyes
I have been planning to do a version of my 1950 Vickylane as a Cars character for a while now. I thought this is going to be so easy to do, how hard it can be, right? It’s just a plane with simple eyes!
January, 2012
Luca's Day Off...
After a long week Luca deserves a brake. I could use a brake like that as-well and I think we all do! This week I wanted the mood to be relaxing and peaceful; no guns, gangsters or angry dudes. This scene is dedicated to sunny days of spring!
January, 2012
Lonely Playground
This piece tries to tell a simple story of a boy who has all the toys in the world but he feels so lonely. it’s an important project for me, because I learned so much while working on this piece from lighting setup to composition, color and texturing and I feel it like a nice turning point for me.
January, 2012
Princess and The Pea
I wanted to create 3d scene which tells a fairytale in the simplest way I wanted the lighting of the scene to be magical, while working on this project I wrote the tutorial on how I modeled, textured, light setup the scene in Autodesk Maya
January, 2012
Disney Classic Scenes
Modeling a classic disney scene, trying to keep the magic of the old original work but give it a more vibe color or a facelift, this is a tribute to the great artists of Disney.
March, 2010
Baseball Legends iPhone App
Icon Design for iPhone app, Graphic user interface design.
November, 2011
Toyism: Are you Frogonised
Working on the concept of Toyism was a great adventure for me, cause I wanted this website to be something that hasn't been done before I wanted the animation and the intro and even the main navigation to be something out of this world cause this is how I characterize the Art of Toyism.
October, 2011
The entire website was modeled in Autodesk Maya, Animation was done in Maya as-well rendered with mental ray, After Effects used to add lens flare and other effects. Then the website was developed in Adobe flash and AS 3.0
January, 2011
Onno van Wensen Cubes
The target was to create a simple yet interactive and very rich website, the concept was created around the logo of The Architecture office. The inspiration of the project came from Modern Architecture.
July, 2010
Studio City
Studio City Americas #1 broadcast marketing company for television promos TV promotion productions On Air Promotion
March, 2010
Aquila Volante
Modeled in Maya rendered with mental ray, this car was created for the indie movie The Fiona Prototype you can find more info about the movie here
September, 2010
Todd London
Todd london's Television Producer is a 3D flash website with a nice cinematic animation, the body of the website is made to look like a 28 mm projector.
March, 2010
3d flash website that has a dynamic animation and cool transformation effects, the idea of the website is to come up with an interesting interface that has a simple yet attractive menu and display area!
March, 2010
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